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Ultrasonic focusing principle

“Treatment - to make patients less hurt“ It is the goal of modern medicine

Treatment principle

Ultrasound focus therapy is a noninvasive local treatment, with ultrasound as energy, the use of its penetrability and focus, the low-energy ultrasound in vitro focused on the uterine fibroids target line into the focal spot, focal spot temperature In 0.1 seconds of the moment rose to 65 degrees Celsius, so that lesion target coagulation necrosis, so as to achieve therapeutic purposes.

Ablation Mode

According to the biological focal spot changes, we innovate the ablation mode, according to the size of fibroids, location and morphology, in achieving better treatment results while greatly reducing the treatment time.

New concept of treatment

Treatment characteristics and concepts

Repeated Rreatment

Repeatable ultrasound focused non-invasive ablation to the exact effect, so that the lesion recurrence, recurrence, the new hair is no longer troubled patients.

Preventive Treatment

For the continued development of clinical symptoms and cause the trend of effective preventive treatment of lesions.

Adjuvant Therapy

By ultrasound focused non-invasive ablation of lesions in tissue inactivation or blood supply block, can effectively reduce the risk of high-risk surgical complications or risk.

Green Treatment

Ultrasound is a mechanical wave, without any radiation, ultrasound focused non-invasive treatment is a green, safe treatment.

Clinical Advantage

Treatment and treatment of protection


Clinical application advantages

Immediate diagnosis

immediate fibroids positioning



No anesthesia

No hospital stay

A quick return to the activities of normal

Development Trend

The future of ultrasound focused noninvasive therapy is the application of clinical specialization