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Guangxi Medical Doctor Association Ultrasound Doctors Association 2019 Annual Meeting


Conference introduction

In order to strengthen the development of the ultrasonic medicine industry, the overall level of ultrasound medicine in Guangxi Province will be promoted. On January 11-13, 2019, the first professional committee of the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Ultrasound Doctors Branch of Guangxi Medical Association and the Interventional Ultrasound Doctors Branch was successfully held in Nanning.

Mr. Zhang from Pro-Medical has introduced focused ultrasound non-invasive treatment technology by explaining the application of ultrasonic cavitation and thermal effects in the diagnosis and treatment of solid tumors, and in-depth discussion on the focus and hot issues of ultrasound technology. The introduction of the principle of focused ultrasound and the introduction of the treatment process enabled the experts and professors to gain a deeper understanding of the role that focused ultrasound can play in modern non-invasive medicine.

Then Mr. Su of Pro-Medical introduced the company's new product, the mobile ultrasound focusing treatment system PRO300. Based on the relevant cases, the milestones of focused ultrasound in non-invasive treatment of gynecology were elaborated. While focused ultrasound therapy is extremely rich in treatment, it also gives more patients a more comfortable treatment experience.


Pro HITU Medical

Pro HITU Medical participated in the conference and carried the products developed by the company, the mobile focused ultrasound treatment system PRO300, and introduced the advantages and principles of non-invasive focused ultrasound therapy to the participants. The successful conclusion of this conference has greatly promoted the promotion of focused ultrasound non-invasive business in Guangxi and promoted the healthy development of ultrasound medicine.

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