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New Development of Ultrasonic Technology and Its Clinical Application Prospect Course


In order to strengthen the development of the ultrasonic medicine industry, the overall level of ultrasound medicine in Guangxi Province will be promoted. The Guangxi Medical Association is scheduled to hold the 2018 Academic Annual Meeting of the Ultrasound Medical Branch of Guangxi Medical Association and the National Continuing Education Project "New Progress in Ultrasound Technology and Its Clinical Application Prospects" in Nanning City on November 23-25, 2018. 

Mr. Su from Pro HITU Medical introduced the company's new products at the conference. The mobile ultrasound focusing treatment system PRO300 introduces the focused ultrasound ultrasound non-invasive treatment technology to introduce the principle of focused ultrasound and introduce the treatment process through the in-depth discussion of the focus and hotspots of ultrasound technology, so that the experts and professors of the conference can understand the focus more deeply. Ultrasound noninvasive treatment in gynecological applications.

Pro HITU Medical participated in the conference and carried the product developed by the company, the mobile focused ultrasound treatment system PRO300, and introduced the advantages and principles of non-invasive focused ultrasound therapy to the participants. Focused ultrasound treatment greatly enriches the gynecological treatment and reduces the pain and psychological burden of patients. The successful conclusion of this conference has played a pivotal role in the promotion of focused ultrasound non-invasive businesses in Guangxi.

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