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Ultrasound Therapeutic Device (UT-1000)

  • Plan Guidance

    Intelligent treatment

  • Innovative Therapy

    Ultrasound therapy featuring a medical cold compress for pain relief

  • User-friendly Interface

    Easy operation and time-saving


Product components

Ultrasound Therapeutic Device

The device uses the high-frequency mechanical, thermal and physicochemical effects of ultrasound for physical therapy. It can be used as a device supporting the treatment of post-stroke sequelae such as limb movement disorders and chronic soft tissue injuries.

Ultrasound Therapeutic Probe

The probe is attached to the skin surface using a special medical coupling patch and then treats the disease using ultrasound

Ultrasound Therapeutic Device Stand

The stand is equipped with universal wheels and a storage box, making it easy for the user to move the device around and access items.


Principle of equipment

  • Mechanical Effect

    The UT-1000 massages intracellular materials to enhance cell membrane permeability and stimulate diffusion through semipermeable cell membranes.

  • Thermal Effect

    The UT-1000 emits high-frequency and high-energy ultrasound waves, which produce a significant thermal effect when absorbed by the medium.

  • Adjuvant Therapy

    The UT-1000 alters the critical distance between molecules, allowing the rearrangement of lipid particles in biological, tissue and cell membranes.

  • Green Therapy

    Continuous ultrasonic waves make ions of different masses in the human tissue fluid to move at different speeds. The difference in movement speed causes friction between ions and accelerates drug delivery.


Clinical advantages

  • Contraindications

    The UT-1000 is contraindicated in patients with pacemakers, artificial stents and valves, severe heart and respiratory failure, and skin injuries. It must be used with caution in pregnant women and newborns.

  • Clinical Advantages
    Intelligent guidance for treatment planning
    A type of innovative therapy integrating ultrasound treatment and medical cold compress for pain relief

    An original and innovative ultrasonic-specific sound-permeable bio-hydrogel patch that can be fixed on the skin and used as a medical ultrasonic couplant for probe treatment. It can be more easily absorbed.
    A user-friendly, simple and time-saving operator interface