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Ultrasound Therapeutic Device for Gynecology with Visual Display (PRO5G)

  • Non-invasive Therapy

    The PRO5G has revolutionized traditional treatments by using focused ultrasound technology to treat lesions thoroughly. The treatment is non-invasive and does not cause radiation damage.

  • Safe, Precise and Efficient

    The PRO5G positions precisely and is dose-adjustable and very safe. Patients can recover quickly after the procedure without scarring and with full recovery of their physical features.

  • Visible Treatment

    The PRO5G is equipped with a therapeutic probe. This probe has visual capability and provides a full view of lesions, enabling more thorough treatment.


Product components

Treatment Platform

The operation panel features a 12" full touch screen that can be rotated 360 degrees. The platform is equipped with simple and easy-to-use treatment software. It features a guided interface design. Music can be played if desired.

A Built-In Centrally-Mounted Water Tank with a Gull-Wing Drawer

This design makes it easy for medical workers to store and access items.

Handheld Endoscope

The endoscope is equipped with a medical camera and evenly distributed LED lights to allow a full, clear and all-directional view of lesions. It can also carry a therapeutic probe with a single-use cover to avoid cross infection during treatment.


software system

User Interface

The user-friendly interface has a touch-screen design, making it more convenient and flexible for users.

Visible Treatment

Doctors can use an endoscopic camera to check status during treatment and can also capture before- and after-treatment images. The PRO5G camera provides clearer images and features more flexible angles.

Single-use Consumables

Using single-use consumables, medical workers do not need to sterilize device parts and can prevent cross infection.

Treatment Principle

Treatment principle

Treatment Principle

Ultrasound can be used as a therapeutic source. Extracorporeal focused ultrasound acts on diseased in vivo tissues, causing a rapid increase in the temperature of the target tissue and producing biological effects under thermal, mechanical and cavitation stimulation. As diseased or proliferating tissues are sensitive to ultrasound, ultrasound can selectively damage the diseased tissue cells while preserving normal tissue. It can also enhance tissue reconstruction and microcirculation to restore normal tissue shape and function. In this way, treatment goals can be achieved through the use of ultrasound.