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Focused Ultrasound Therapeutic System for Uterine Fibroids     (PRO2008) 

  • Position of the Treatment Probe

    Top-mounted (dry)

  • Transducer Type

    Annular self-focusing transducer

  • TPS System

    Precise positioning, tumor outlining, and treatment planning


Product components

Treatment Platform

  • Top-mounted Treatment Probe

    The system uses a top-mounted transducer so that the patient does not need to be in direct contact with the coupling fluid and will feel more comfortable during treatment

  • C-arm Structure Design

    The system features an omnidirectional rotation to ensure adjustable deflection of the transducer, which facilitates the selection of the optimal ultrasound treatment channel.

  • Fixed Adjustable Focus Depth

    The adjustable focus depth can be set, optimized and fixed for gynecological problems and conditions, laying the foundation for the safety of targeted treatment with focused ultrasound.

Central Control Platform

  • Ultrasonic Monitoring System

    This system guides and monitors the treatment process in real time.

  • Treatment Control System

    This system specifies TPS treatment plans, implements the treatment, analyzes and stores digital treatment effect assessment and case data.

  • Remote Monitoring System

    This system monitors the operational status of the device in real time via the Internet.

  • Clinical Data Sharing Platform

    A clinical data sharing platform is available using the Internet and cloud services.

Supporting System

  • Media Processing

    This device provides dedicated liquid medium for combination therapy and body parts, and acts as a couplant.

  • Safety

    It guarantees normal device operation.

  • Failure Alerting

    The whole machine adopts a modular design and can automatically issue alerts for specific failures via the Internet.

Positioning System

The PRO2008 features ultra-wide field-of-view 2D and colored wide field-of-view scanning imaging (straight line and curve measurements and video playback functions). It also has an intelligent image information recognition function. It can automatically recognize and warn of the depth of the currently-positioned ultrasound.

Conformal therapy: The PRO2008 can set the treatment boundary according to the shape of the lesion, monitor the target area in real time, and ensure that the lesion can be ablated in one step. The PRO2008 can also store images in real time, and record, track and mark treatment procedures and paths.

  • Automatic Identification

  • Target Monitoring

  • Real-time Storage


software system

Cloud-Based Big Data

  • 3D Simulation and Positioning

    This module outlines the treatment area according to the actual shape of the fibroid.

  • Treatment Planning

    This module automatically conducts stratified treatment in real time and performs 3D tumor reconstruction.

  • Positioning

    This module automatically records sub-layer images and coordinate information.

  • Detection

    This module automatically assesses treatment in real time based on monitoring images and provides treatment advice.

TPS System

  • Real-time Monitoring System

    This system can collect device usage status information based on the current feedback module. When the device output is abnormal, the system will automatically notify the person in charge. The person can then check whether devices are being used in real time through a terminal device.

  • Intelligent Specialist System

    This system can intelligently recommend treatment plans based on big data analysis and provide the best and most concise specialist-level treatment plans. A customized specialist-level patient management system is available.

  • Traceability System

    This system can detect the operational status of the device, issue an alert for abnormal conditions and perform preliminary troubleshooting remotely. Through cloud-based big data analysis, more effective treatment plans can be provided.

Treatment Principle

Treatment principle

  • Treatment Principle

    Focused ultrasound therapy is a non-invasive localized treatment that uses ultrasound as an energy source. As ultrasound can penetrate and focus, low-energy ultrasonic waves in vitro can be focused on the target area of uterine fibroids to form a focal point where the temperature rises above 65 degrees Celsius in 0.1 seconds. This causes coagulative necrosis of the target lesion tissues, thus achieving the treatment goal.

  • Ablation Mode

    Adopting this mode, we can achieve better treatment results while greatly reducing treatment time according to the size, location and shape of the fibroids.



  • Repeatable Treatment

    Repeatable non-invasive focused ultrasound ablation has an excellent therapeutic effect, freeing patients from the worry of lesion recurrence and new occurrences.

  • Preventive Treatment

    Lesions that may continue to grow and cause clinical symptoms can be given effective preventive treatment.

  • Adjuvant Therapy

    Non-invasive focused ultrasound ablation can damage lesion tissues or block the blood supply to them, thus effectively reducing complications after high-risk surgery or achieving higher success rates.

  • Green Therapy

    Ultrasonic waves are mechanical waves that do not emit any radiation. Non-invasive focused ultrasound therapy is a green and safe treatment.

Treatment Principle

Treatment principle


Uterine fibroids and hyperplastic diseases, especially adenomyosis and pregnancy diseases such as uterine incision pregnancy and placental implantation.

Advantages in Clinical Applications

  • Certified by NMPA to ensure treatment safety and effectiveness
  • Care for the uterus
  • Non-invasive, no anesthesia required
  • Stable, predictable and timely treatment results
  • Quick symptom elimination and quick recovery
  • Very safe with few side effects
  • No hospitalization required