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A woman who received HIFU treatment gave birth to a pair of boy-girl twins at Kuo General Hospital in Tainan City, Taiwan


Kuo General Hospital in Tainan, Taiwan cured a patient with uterine fibroids by using non-invasive high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy (HIFU). She later got pregnant and gave birth to a pair of boy-girl twins. Let's go to experience the joyful atmosphere.

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Kuo Tsung-Cheng, the Superintendent of Kuo General Hospital, was celebrating the one-month birthday of the boy-girl twins of Ms. Hong who was pregnant after receiving non-invasive HIFU treatment. Everyone was immersed in a happy atmosphere.


Tainan News Channel reports

Kuo Tsung-Cheng, the Superintendent of Kuo General Hospital in Tainan City, spent a lot of money and introduced the HIFU equipment a year ago. A woman surnamed Hong, who lives in Japan, came back to Taiwan to receive non-invasive HIFU treatment. She successfully completed the treatment and then got pregnant and gave birth to a pair of boy-girl twins. The hospital celebrated the twins' one-month birthday on the 14th. The medical team was so delighted.

Kuo said that the hospital spent a lot of money on introducing the latest HIFU equipment which is being operated in cooperation with the National Cheng Kung University Hospital. With the joint efforts of the medical teams of the two hospitals, satisfactory results were achieved on the anniversary of the equipment introduction. Ms. Hong and her husband celebrated their children's one-month birthday at Kuo General Hospital. The hospital prepared a three-tiered birthday cake and gave the babies exquisite gold gifts. The atmosphere was so sweet.


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Ms. Hong, who is 40 years old, has been married for 10 years and lives in Japan with her husband. She suffered from adenomyosis, uterine fibroids and some other diseases, so it was so difficult for her to get pregnant. She later learned about Taiwan's high success rate in reproductive technology success rate in reproductive technology and then returned to Taiwan. Having had laparoscopic surgery and an oral dose of somatostatin, she didn't get her monthly period her monthly period so that her uterus could have a rest. However, these prevented her from getting pregnant. It was not until last year that Dr. Wu Mengxing suggested that she could try the new HIFU technology. Ms. Hong then immediately began to gather information about the procedure, cost and effect.This new medical technology can be effective without surgery. Ms. Hong trusted Dr. Wu's expertise and the long-standing reputation of Kuo General Hospital as a regional teaching hospital. She believed that if she could receive this treatment, she may be able to conceive more easily.



In July 2019, Ms. Hong received HIFU treatment at Kuo General Hospital. Because she had no wounds, she recovered quickly. After a short break of several months, she received IVF treatment. Thanks to her doctor's care and expertise, Ms. Hong successfully conceived last October. She gave birth to a pair of twin babies this May and was so happy about becoming a mother. She is very grateful to Kuo General Hospital for introducing the HIFU equipment and to Dr. Wu for his professionalism and skills. She hopes that more couples in need can get help and they can become parents as they wish.


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Reported by Lin Yue in Tainan