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Focusing on non-invasive ultrasound treatment technology achieving success domestically and gaining recognition internationally


Pro Medicine Co., Ltd., based in Shenzhen, adheres to the service principle of making treatment non-invasive and more dignified. With a team of dedicated clinical physician trainers, the company consistently optimizes clinical treatment protocols and enhances the level of care. They have provided professional and efficient clinical training to numerous domestic and international healthcare institutions, offering a comprehensive training system encompassing theoretical knowledge and practical skills. PRO has successfully established an integrated platform that combines industry, academia, and research, specializing in focused ultrasound treatment.

Sichuan Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital is one of the high-quality user hospitals guided by PRO. The medical team from PRO conducted comprehensive and informative training and lectures on clinical indications, contraindications, treatment procedures, preoperative preparation and precautions, application protocols, dosage settings, post-treatment efficacy evaluation, and MRI image interpretation. Through this training, they have not only cultivated a group of competent physicians skilled in high-intensity focused ultrasound applications at the hospital but also brought positive impact to local patients, achieving favorable treatment outcomes in clinical practice.

Recently, Dr. Han from the Gynecology Department of the hospital went to rural areas for professional development. During his work, he encountered a gynecological patient who underwent an MRI examination due to relevant clinical symptoms. Thanks to the comprehensive training provided by PRO, Dr. Han was well acquainted with the radiological manifestations of uterine malignancies on MRI images.

Therefore, when the MRI data of this patient was presented to Dr. Han, while other physicians had not yet identified the issue, Dr. Han immediately recognized that the patient was suffering from uterine sarcoma. As a result, he provided the patient with professional recommendations and developed an individualized treatment plan.

PRO’s focused ultrasound non-invasive treatment technology has not only flourished within the country but also gained recognition internationally. It not only benefits patients who have suitable indications but also prevents misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis for other patients who are not suitable candidates for the treatment.

PRO not only possesses a scientific product research and development system and a stable and efficient research and development team but also has a group of professional clinical physician training teams. On the path of development, the PRO team has been continuously advancing and aspires to become a leader in non-invasive medical technology, bringing non-invasive, effective, and safe treatment methods to a greater number of patients!