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PRO under the theme of 'Integration and Synergistic Innovation of Medicine and Engineering' participated in the High-end Medical Equipment Innovation and Development Forum at the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention


Medical equipment is an important industry that is closely related to the national economy, people's livelihood, and national security. It also constitutes a vital component of the life and health sector.

On September 20th, the High-end Medical Equipment Innovation and Development Forum of the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention was held in Hefei. This marked the first time that a parallel forum focusing on high-end medical equipment was established at the World Manufacturing Convention, attracting significant attention.


The forum, themed “Integration and Synergistic Innovation of Medicine and Engineering,” aims to focus on integrating diverse innovation resources, advancing the development of high-end medical equipment, and translating clinical research achievements. It seeks to establish a virtuous cycle mechanism that mutually promotes research and development, production, and widespread application. The forum endeavors to drive the rapid development of the high-end medical equipment industry and explore the “Anhui Solution.”



In recent years, the province of Anhui has actively strategized and promoted the development of the medical equipment industry. It has focused on building a modern industrial chain, establishing a comprehensive innovation chain throughout the entire lifecycle, strengthening an integrated funding chain, and fostering interdisciplinary talent development. With unwavering determination, Anhui Province has made the implementation of an innovation-driven development strategy its key priority. It aims to further grasp industry trends, define strategic directions, optimize policy targeting, and propel the high-quality development of the medical equipment industry to a new stage.


During the forum, Zhang Ji, the Ceo of PRO, delivered a presentation on the latest research and development product, the Ultrasound-guided Ablation Robot Treatment System. This advanced technology represents a non-invasive treatment approach that does not rely on exogenous microbubbles. Instead, it utilizes a liquefaction process to treat damaged tissues. Some advantages include rapid removal of lesion tissues, alleviation of glandular compression, complete non-invasiveness, and the ability to repeat treatments.

In this forum, all parties have collaborated closely, expanded cooperation, and jointly advanced the collaborative innovation and development of medicine and engineering. This effort aims to support the self-reliance and self-strengthening of Anhui's high-end medical equipment industry. PRO is committed to contributing its efforts towards enhancing the reputation of "Intelligent Manufacturing in Anhui" by making significant contributions.

In order to achieve the set goals, under the witness of Deng Xiangyang, Vice Chairman and Deputy Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Wang Dengming, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, Xu Fuxin, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Anhui Provincial Drug Administration, Liu Lianxin, Party Secretary, and Yan Guang, Executive Director of the First Affiliated Hospital of the University of Science and Technology of China, Anhui Province's Association for Collaborative Innovation of Medicine and Engineering, along with six companies including ProMedicine Co., Ltd. from Shenzhen, reached an initial cooperation intention through project signing and collaboration.